1st Tryout Results

There will still be another tryout in January, which is when the actual teams will be formed. Anyone who missed the December tryout is able to try out in January.

Gant, Ryan

Foley, Sterling

McMullen, Reid

Reid, Boston

Wetherholt, Jack

Welton, Everett

Card, Jake

Glenn, Brogan

Hiramoto, Preston

Singer, Elias

Tusa, Quinn

Vienna, Vance

Weinstein, William

Cole, Aiden

Cormier, Jude

Do, Gavin

Foley, Drake

Gant, Brady

Hannamen, Hunter

Lerner, Elliot

McCloskey, Cooper

Nyguen, Van

Tamura, Nicky

Waite, Myles

Warmington, Chapman

Alagband, Cameron

Alexander, Cash

Blakeley, Ben

Booker, Daniel

DiBella, Marco

Vandameer, Cordell

Wertman, Lucas

If you do not see your name on this list but still wish to be a part of the program, attend our January try out.

Those that missed 12/12 tryout, should attend the January try out.